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Both discerning homeowners and home builders appreciate the hand-crafted products carefully manufactured by Premiere Woodworking in Alberta. Primarily servicing Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton, we offer custom exterior wooden doors, kitchen cabinets and cabinetry, as well as woodworking services for those who appreciate the quality, craftsmanship, individualized design and environmental responsibility of hand crafted woodwork.
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Custom Wooden Products Made in Alberta

Our wooden doors and cabinets are hand-crafted in our woodworking shop by experienced craftsmen to meet your exact specifications. Every detail is taken into account: from wood type and stain, to glass inlay, height, hand carving and hardware. Our offering includes:

Exterior wooden doors
Kitchen cabinets
Custom cabinetry and woodworking

Why Choose Wood - Premiere Woodworking

Why wood? For an elegant and individual look, wood is a natural choice. Each piece is unique and each type of wood has its own characteristics. You will not find another material that can match woods elegance and appeal. Veneers will try to imitate these qualities, but none can capture the texture, depth and beauty of the real thing.

Wood is also a practical choice. It is an excellent natural insulator. When it is finished properly and maintained, wood is extremely durable, and resistant to time and the elements. Wood is also a naturally renewable resource, and will complement any green built, environmentally friendly home. A wood door is fashioned using significantly less energy than the manufacturing of an aluminum or steel door.

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